Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Author House, an Indiana, USA based publishing house announced the release of a new book titled: “How Iran Plans To Fight America And Dominate The Middle East”.

The author, Gabriel G. Tabarani, is a very well known and respected specialist on Middle East affairs. He has been involved in journalism in Beirut, Washington and London as a Reporter, Correspondent, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief for over 25 years. He has already authored three books: “The Tears of the Horizon” a romantic novel, “The Winter of Discontent in The Gulf” (1991) about the first Gulf War when Saddam Hussein took over Kuwait, and “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Balfour Promise To Bush Declaration – The Complications and The Road For a Lasting Peace” (2008).
“My goal with this book is to provide a fair and balanced view with compelling information and analysis on a very important and sensitive issue which could take the world down a dangerous path, ” says Mr. Tabarani. Experts agree that the book is a fair and balanced piece, which makes it very rare in its kind.

Mr. Tabarani takes us in his new book with his eloquent style through information, documents and arguments to learn about the Shiite-Sunni divide in the Middle East and how Washington, by eliminating the Saddam Hussein and Taliban regimes, created a regional power vacuum. Though happy to take advantage of this situation, Iran is planning and intending to fight America through unique means in order to dominate and to exert influence across the Middle East.
The book develops and explains the substantial body of history, information, background and analysis required for a meaningful understanding of the current troubles. It covers in detail the regional and global ambitions of Iran and its financial and military capabilities including -and not limited to- its relations with non-state armed groups such as Hizbollah, Hamas and the Mahdi Army as well as its long-standing alliance with Syria.

Furthermore, he argues and discusses in detail the relations between Iran and the Arab Gulf Countries, USA and Israel. He also covers in detail the American strategy for the Gulf region as a whole.
Moreover, Tabarani discusses thoroughly the current nuclear crisis that will change the face of the Middle East. He also includes commentary on the present and future role of both Russia and China in the region.

In his conclusion after analyzing Turkey’s emerging role in the region, Tabarani comes to recommendations as to how to broker a peaceful solution to the current US-Iranian crisis. It is groundbreaking for a book to provide such a detailed course of action that can help all parties involved achieve lasting peace.
This book (436 pages) can be found and bought by Internet on :  or or or, or or, or, or …. The book can be found too at Ingram Book Group and its affiliates and other distributors in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and around the world.

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